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IBM Driving Storage Revolutions

Business storage continues to be driven by two revolutions: one is storage systems–based and the other software-based. The former is focused on NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) networking technology that is accelerating the adoption of all-flash storage systems. In the latter case, software-driven innovation has become a driving force among virtually all major storage vendors. One […]

IBM Continues to Deliver New Multicloud Storage Solutions

The ever-increasing vast quantities of data that need to be stored, distributed, and managed cost-effectively with security and reliability are looking to the multicloud for a solution. IBM recognizes this and is delivering new multicloud storage solutions in response to that need. Overview of Multicloud and IBM Storage’s Multicloud Solutions The movement to the multicloud […]

IBM FlashSystem 9100: The Importance of NVMe-based Storage in a Data-Driven Multi-Cloud World

IBM’s newly announced FlashSystem 9100 is its first NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) at the storage drive-level storage system. The FlashSystem 9100 is IBM’s enterprise-class entrée in the virtual storage infrastructure managed by Spectrum Virtualize. But the announcement is about more than just an array solution. The true value is in how the FlashSystem 9100 makes […]

IBM Storage Insights: Here’s To Your Storage’s Health — And More

Storage systems are inherently complex and IT users need to manage their storage environment’s performance, capacity utilization, and health constantly. Vendors have long helped with Call Home capabilities where a storage system sends storage usage data to a vendor. Now IBM has turbocharged Call Home with Storage Insights where more data is collected, where users […]

IBM Continues to Think Ahead Clearly

IBM recently concluded its first IBM THINK conference in Las Vegas. In THINK, IBM combined several former events into one comprehensive conference that covered the breadth and depth of the entire corporation. Although the 40,000 some attendees could explore in depth particular products or services in a plethora of educational sessions or at the huge […]

ioFABRIC’s Data Fabric Software Weaves Together the Virtualized Storage Infrastructure

New ideas often take time to percolate into the collective consciousness. So it is with the concept of “data fabric,” a concept of which ioFABRIC is a chief proponent. A data fabric uses software to create a virtualized storage infrastructure which improves (or even makes possible what was difficult at best) IT’s ability to economically […]

dinCloud Continues to Forge a Path in Hosted Workplaces

The “cloud” continues to manifest itself in a very wide range of incarnations and use cases. Specialty clouds in the form of [whatever]-as-a-service address special purpose needs. For example, Los Angeles-based dinCloud plays in the desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) arena as part of its larger focus on hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure services. Hosted Workspaces: Offering VDI […]

Spectra Logic Stacks Up Well in Tier-1 Storage Offloading

A lot of exciting things are happening in the storage business, notably the strong adoption of all-flash arrays as the replacement for hard disks for active Tier-1 production storage and the move toward software-defined options. Still most of the explosive growth in data leads to infrequently or never-again-accessed information that needs to be kept for […]

IBM’s Strong Commitment to the NVMe Storage Revolution

IBM’s recent storage announcement covered a number of new and enhanced solutions across IBM’s Storage software and Storage systems portfolio, but for simplicity’s sake, my focus today is the significant support the company is throwing behind the revolution inspired by NVMe (nonvolatile memory express Note that the business storage market has changed dramatically in recent […]