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IBM Extends Storage Made Simple to Encompass Containers

Recall Albert Einstein saying that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This seems to accurately reflect the “storage made simple” mantra that has driven IBM storage throughout 2020. The company now concludes its year of extensive announcements by recognizing the increasing importance of container technology in conjunction with storage. Let’s […]

IBM Spotlights Storage Made Simple for Data and AI

IBM first turned its “storage made simple” theme to block-based systems, most notably its FlashSystem offerings as the non-mainframe portion of its storage for hybrid multicloud. Now the company has applied the same theme to storage for its data and AI systems, most prominently, the file-based Elastic Storage System (ESS) storage hardware that is managed […]

IBM Storage Solutions for Edge Computing

Edge computing continues to be increasingly important for organizations to make better data driven decisions. Since edge computing is a big generator of data and since data requires storage, storage is a major player. Let’s examine briefly how IBM positioned its approach to edge computing at its recent Think 2020 Digital conference, how it is […]

IBM Continues to Extend its Mainframe Storage Solutions

According to IBM, its Z mainframes process 30 billion transactions per day, including 87% of all credit card transactions in the world. These two facts alone show the importance of the mainframe in the world economy, but it also underscores the importance of the complementary storage systems that all mainframes must have. Therefore, IBM’s continuing […]

Avid Labs Announces What Could Be a Game Changing COVID-19 Test

Avid Labs, an Indiana-based company that is focused on innovative product design, has just announced what could be a game changing COVID-19 test that delivers results in as little as five minutes. This has major implications both in the short-term and long-term. Details are sketchy, but portability is critical. Approval from the FDA happened last […]

IBM Simplifies Its FlashSystem Storage Portfolio

In a recent storage announcement, IBM described a simplification process that has led to a single FlashSystem solution family encompassing all of traditional block-level storage for non-mainframe environments. This is an important outcome from the company’s ongoing focus on “making storage simple.” IBM recognizes that there is a limit on what can be done as […]

IBM Reinforces Storage Portfolio for AI and Big Data

In its recent storage announcement, IBM strengthened its storage solutions for AI and big data through the introduction of the IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) 3000 and an important new capability for IBM Spectrum Discover. The IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 enables an IT organization to take advantage not only of IBM’s software-defined-storage (SDS) capability […]

IBM Introduces DS8900F Storage System for the Mainframe

The IBM Z mainframe continues to support a very large number of the world’s most mission-critical applications and the company works diligently to ensure that the platform continues to deliver the capabilities that customers need in their rapidly-evolving data-driven hybrid multicloud enterprise. Therefore, any introduction of a new storage system, namely the IBM DS8900F, that […]