DH2i Helps Out During the COVID-19 Crisis with its Free Work at Home Software

The coronavirus has given a terrible new meaning to the term “March Madness.” As a major side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to work at home for those who can do so is not an option, but rather a mandatory requirement for the foreseeable future. Yet many organizations do not have the software in place to safely allow their employees to fully access from their homes all the applications and data that they can from their work computer. DH2i solves this problem with its DxOdyssey Work From Home (WFH) software offering. DH2i offers the software free of charge to any organization large or small, public or private.

What DH2i does

DH2i defines itself as making software-defined perimeter and Smart Availability software for Windows and Linux environments. In simple English language, DH2i acts as a “hamburger helper” by enhancing a current IT infrastructure to make it “always secure and always on.” DxOdyssey is a current member of its software portfolio. DH2i is now focusing on the work-at-home capabilities of DxOdyssey.

How DH2i makes its DxOdyssey WFH Software available free of charge

Employees who want to install the software on their home PCs can do so by going to DH2i Work From Home Client Portal on the Internet. The user has to install the DxOdyssey software client first on the user’s work computer before installing it on the home PC. The user then connects the two systems over the Internet using a one-time passkey that creates a secure network tunnel. DH2i does not consider this to be a VPN (virtual private network) but, in essence, DxOdyssey acts as such.

For those that do not have the budget or technical expertise to set up a VPN or other alternative,  DxOdyssey offers an easy, secure way to access the same applications and data that they have permission to use on their work computer. However, DH2i would also argue that even those who have access to a VPN can benefit by the use of DxOdyssey to avoid what the company thinks are the inherent security risks of a VPN, such as potentially allowing unauthorized access to business and/or home networks. Of course, one would be wise to get the permission of the appropriate business managers and IT staff before using the software.

What DH2i is providing to DxOdyssey WFH users:

  • Free DxOdyssey software downloads until at least August 31, 2020 — at which time it will reevaluate the situation.
  • Free technical support — this should relieve the anxiety about any technical issues that one might have, such as setup and configuration.
  • No obligation download — no personal information is collected during the download; this means that users do not have to worry about unwanted sales communications

Mesabi musings

Although many people have long been able to work at home (or permitted or even encouraged to do so either full or part time) using a computer, many more are being forced to do so because of the coronavirus crisis. Those who are new to the game may suffer anxiety in getting everything to work as it should. Many of those who are used to working at home may still benefit from a new way of connecting to their business applications or information for better security or availability reasons.

Of course, even as we all do our best to avoid the physical risks of actually contracting COVID-19, we will all suffer, in one way or another, emotionally and economically, from the disease. The ability for more people to be able to work efficiently and effectively from home enables productivity that preserves jobs and therefore reduces or prevents some job loss anxiety, as well as making a small positive statement about how we are trying to keep the economy rolling.

With those points in mind, DH2i deserves strong praise for making its DxOdyssey WFH software freely available.