The Mesabi Group is an industry analyst firm that specializes in computer storage and storage management. One focus is on storage networking, which includes a storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS). Another focus is on storage management, such as information lifecycle management (ILM), replication, virtualization, and snapshots as well as data protection within a business continuity framework, including backup/restore software, continuous data protection (CDP), disk-based backup, compliance, and disaster recovery.

Our Services

As an information infrastructure industry analyst firm,  Mesabi Group offers a number of related services.

Industry Analysis

Mesabi Group offers a selection of fixed price (packaged) consulting services ranging from short snapshots (2 pages) that offer a structured profile of a company & its so-lutions to 8 to 16 page in-depth examinations of a specific business technology issue and an evaluation of the sponsor’s solution.

Presentations & Webinars

Mesabi Group continuously analyzes the information infrastructure industry. As a result, the Mesabi Group can offer valuable & intriguing insights into how the industry will evolve. Executive groups, product planners, field teams, & IT buyers give Mesabi Group presentations high marks – especially for those occasions that call for an informed industry perspective from outside of the organization.


Mesabi Group accepts a limited number of retainer clients each year. Mesabi Group will custom craft a set of deliverables based on the services listed above to fit each client’s specific needs. Retainers are invoiced at the start of each quarter or annually.

Contact Mesabi Group

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