David Hill created the Mesabi Group in order to focus on as the underlying dynamics that will drive the evolution of the information infrastructure to better serve business. Two key areas of focus are data protection and third party services (including cloud computing). At the core of both is how policy-driven management software will evolve the intelligence that will be necessary to manage both data and the storage that data resides upon more efficiently and effectively.

Through his writing, speaking, and research, David Hill has become a recognized thought leader in the field of information infrastructure with a concentration in storage and storage management and a special interest in data protection. He looks at how enterprises can best go about adopting new information management policies, practices, and technologies that not only meet immediate requirements, but also help position themselves for future growth.

Hill’s perspective is how information intersects with business requirements. For example, the key business function of risk management intersects with information technology through business continuity. Data protection is an essential and key component of business continuity. The book “Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance” explains the nature of this change and the impact that this change will have upon enterprises.

As part of his research, Hill has done an Internet Radio Show and a Webinar for the LTO program. Prior to founding Mesabi Group, Hill was an industry analyst at the Aberdeen Group for a number of years. As the Vice President of Storage Research and founder of the Storage & Storage Management practice, David Hill emphasized how leading enterprises could leverage their enterprise-wide storage investment to derive additional business value that ranges from TCO/ROI advantages to competitive advantage. Hill led both quantitative and qualitative market research studies during his tenure at Aberdeen Group. For example, he authored a report on “Storage Execution in a Time of Scarcity” that was done in conjunction with a survey distributed by InfoStor magazine.

Before Aberdeen, he spent many years at Data General where, among other activities, he directed Data General’s internal IT data centers as well as managed the introduction of new analytical tools and business systems. While at EMC, he carried out strategic marketing, competitive analysis, sales force planning, and market forecasting. He has an advanced degree from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hill is frequently quoted in such publications as Computerworld, E Commerce Times, InfoStor, Network World, and Storage Networking World Online.

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