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Observable Networks: How Packet Metadata Reveals Suspicious Behavior

 Modern enterprise networks often employ best practices for monitoring and intrusion detection to provide enhanced network security, but this may not be enough to deal with the continually evolving threat landscape. Startup Observable Networks offers an approach that it calls Dynamic Endpoint Modeling to tackle advanced security threats. In my view, this adds an important […]

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Scality: Using Software-Defined Storage to Manage Petabyte-Scale Data

Scality develops software that enables enterprises to manage storage more efficiently and effectively at large scale (i.e., petabytes) than traditional storage solutions typically achieve. This high storage volume portion of the enterprise storage market is called the capacity-driven segment and reflects a major rethinking of the enterprise storage market.In the past, a traditional (controller-based) enterprise […]

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IBM’s Spectrum Storage: Now a Suite, Not Just a Family

 IBM has announced the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, which is a way to offer a single software license that covers all six IBM Spectrum Storage family products. The licensing model for the suite is based on the volume (in TBs) of data managed. IBM’s goal is to encourage the use and adoption of its software […]

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