IT Perspectives

The Rise of Data-Driven Intelligence

The ocean of data keeps rising and concepts such as big data are spawned in that ocean. That leads to statements that have been made to the effect that data is the new center of gravity of IT. Is technology really enabling an information-centric world, and if so, how does it tie to the more familiar and mundane world of operational IT? The rise of a concept called data-driven intelligence serves as the model for a new perspective and we can contrast that with more familiar application driven intelligence models.

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What to Think About First on Data Protection and the Cloud

 What is data protection in the cloud? That is not an easy question to answer since it comes in various forms, and the tools and technologies to provide data protection are extremely numerous and can be used in different combinations. From IT’s perspective, large number of choices can make cloud more difficult than traditional schemas. […]

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The Three Transformations of IT

 Every once in a while, it is a good idea to take a high level overview of where information technology (IT) has come from and where IT is going. That helps us put our efforts into context and lets us know where we should be devoting our efforts.Information technology is now in its third transformation. […]

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